14 oct. 2012

Il secolo stronzo/2. La differenza fra chi il comunismo l'ha sofferto sulla propria pelle e chi l'ha giustificato e appoggiato dal salotto di casa sua. Nguyen Chi Thien (strano, non lo conoscete?) vs. Hobsbawm.
Imagine that Hobsbawm had fallen in love with Nazism as a youth and spent the rest of his career whitewashing Hitler’s atrocities. Suppose he’d refused for decades to let his Nazi Party membership lapse, and argued that the Holocaust would have been an acceptable price to pay for the realization of a true Thousand-Year Reich. It is inconceivable that he would have been hailed as a brilliant thinker or basked in acclaim; no self-respecting university would have hired him to teach; politicians and pundits would not have lined up to shower him with accolades during his life and tributes after his death.
Yet Hobsbawm was fawned over, lionized in the media, made a tenured professor at a prestigious university, invited to lecture around the world.

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