3 feb. 2009

L'incredibile e triste storia. Se solo esistesse una comunità internazionale, le cose si metterebbero malissimo per la Thailandia:
Indonesian authorities found 198 refugees from Myanmar early Tuesday off the country's west coast who claimed they had been drifting in a wooden boat for three weeks after being set adrift by Thai military forces.
A survivor told Indonesian immigration officials that his boat was part of a group of boats carrying about 1,200 people who were cast out to sea by Thai military forces who had found them.
"They were part of the nine boats containing Rohingya refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh that were set adrift by the Thai security forces," said Iwan Riyanto, an Indonesian immigration official.
Qui c'è la foto (il reportage è di Dan Rivers della CNN) di quando i militari thailandesi tagliano la corda dell'imbarcazione piena di Rohingya.

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