21 dic. 2009

Fare la pace con i terroristi.

Thousands of supporters of Nepal's Maoist former rebels demonstrated across the nascent republic on Monday, the second day of a strike that has highlighted the fragility of a three-year peace process.
Maoist activists shouted anti-government slogans and waved flags with the hammer and sickle as they gathered in empty streets, demanding the resignation of the government seven months after the former rebels walked out in a row with the president.
The Maoists, who headed a coalition after emerging as the largest political group in last year's election, resigned in May following a failed attempt to sack the country's army chief, a move that prompted the president to intervene.

Dozens were injured on Sunday when protesters burnt tyres, vandalised cars and clashed with police. The U.N. human rights office in Nepal said the violence was "some of the worst on the streets of Kathmandu for several years."
(Nepal crippled in Maoist general strike)

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