3 nov. 2009

Tendi la tua mano, Barack.

North Korea has completed the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel rods to extract weapons-grade plutonium, according to its official news agency.
The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) added that "noticeable successes" had been made in turning the extracted material into weapons grade plutonium.
The statement comes one day after North Korea said it was ready for talks with the US on its nuclear programme.
(N Korea 'has extracted plutonium')
''Traditionalists'' in the People's Liberation Army and Communist Party hierarchy have recently gained the upper hand over those in China's Foreign Ministry and universities who favour a tougher line, says the report, based on dozens of interviews with scholars, diplomats and military officials in Beijing, Pyongyang and Seoul.
''China prioritises stability over denuclearisation due to a vastly different perception than the US and its allies of the threat posed by a nuclear North Korea,'' says the report, Shades of Red: China's Debate over North Korea.
(China softens North Korea nuclear stand)

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