23 nov. 2009

L'intervista impossibile.

The American side asked to arrange for a special interview of Obama by Southern Weekend.  Reportedly, Chinese Communist Party Secretary-General agreed.  But the Central Publicity Department knew full well that if they ordered Southern Weekend to delete sensitive contents after the fact, it would lead to American dissatisfaction and a diplomatic storm.  So they took pre-emptive action by preparing a "question list" that Southern Weekend had to use.  Although Southern Weekend is daring, it cannot bear the responsibility of diplomacy.  So it had to submit to the tsars of ideology.
It was rumored that senior officials of the Central Publicity Department were present during the Southern Weekend interview.  But the American embassy in China clarified that nobody from the Central Publicity Department was present at the hotel where Obama was staying and where the interview took place.  This was yet another tall trick from the Central Publicity Department which forced Southern Weekend into submission while creating evidence of absence at the scene.  So the Americans were tricked and even said good things for their victimizers.
(Obama’s China Interview Mystery (Updated))

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