28 oct. 2008

E volò via.

Era troppo vicina quella linea per non essere mai attraversata:

A North Korean soldier has defected to South Korea through the heavily fortified border dividing the two countries, an official from the South's spy agency said Tuesday, in only the second such defection in a decade.

The soldier recently approached a South Korean guard post in a central part of the Demilitarized Zone asking for asylum in the South, the NIS official said.
The soldier told South Korean officials he was frustrated by life in North Korea and concerned about his future in the communist country, the NIS official said. The official asked not to be named, citing the agency policy.

Defections across the border — one of the world's most heavily armed — are rare. The vast majority of North Koreans fleeing their communist homeland travel by land through China and Southeast Asia before arriving in the South.

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